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03-Production of equipment

04-Elementary school science teaching module

05-Chemistry teaching module

06-Middle school level math teaching module

07-Middle school science teaching module

08-Vocation and techniques teaching module

09-Laboratory glassware module

10-Biology and anatomy teaching module

11-High school level physics teaching module

12-Lathe simulator

13-Mechatronics teaching module

14-Electronics teaching module

15-Electricity teaching module

16-Teaching workshop for winding and repairing electrical machines

17-Automobile repair workshop

18-Motorcycle repair teaching workshop

19-Automobile electricity teaching workshop

20-Agricultural machinery repair and maintenance teaching workshop

21-Sanitary and heating facilities teaching workshop

22-Mobile skill teaching workshops

23-Painting teaching module

24-Typewriter for the blind (Perkins Brailler)

25-University physics teaching module

26-Chemical industries teaching workshop

27-Procuring equipment

28-Equipment and starting in turnkey manner

29-Educational center


Electronics teaching and electricity module

AC Motor Control Training Set

AC Motor Control Training Set


The AC motor are used slot in industries the inventors are used to install and control the motor turning. In an inventer, a direct caurency is changed into an alternative tine. There after, the alternative voltage with desirable ferquency is produced.

The AC motor training set is designed to utilize an inventor which is used in installing and controlling 3- phase motor.

Specifications and Possibility:

  • Preperating the possibility to install and space control of 3-phase motor with an investor.
  • Includes Siemens Micromaster 420 inventor with a wide range use in industry.
  • 220v 50Hz single – phase electricity input
  • Includes 3- phase motor
  • Possibility of manual space contol through switches, terminals & volumes.
  • Possibility of automatic control through digital and analogue inputs & outputs.
  • Includes LCD monitor which draws lc tinting space and turning sidcgraph.
  • Bob ( basic operating panel )
  • Electrical Protection
  • It also incloudes the manual instructions besides the related files on a CD to install and use MicroMaster 420, prepared by Zimense

Advanced PLC (Simulator)

Advanced PLC (Simulator)
This module is designed as a movable desk and displays all the required skills to control various industrial processes completely using different simulators. On this desk, PLC module, PLC output inputs module and different types of simulators are installable. PLC Inputs and Outputs are designed such that wiring and starting the module is possible in a minimum amount of time. The design of the desk is such that it provides the user with the possibility of any kind of configuration of parts. Therefore, teaching concepts of networking PLC, remote inputs or outputs, etc is possible using this module.


Digital Teaching Module

Digital Teaching Module

Items available in this module:

  • Digital oscilloscope with memory
  • Universal programmer for programming various programmable parts flower supply
  • Digital Multimeter o Function Generator
  • Computer with rotating screen
  • Soldering iron
  • Workshop for Teaching Home Appliance Repair

Industrial Automation Training Set

Industrial Automation Training Set

Introduction: Due to industrial development, acquiring for high-quality products as well as low -cost oncc,increase of wages have all lead to utilizing advanced automation systems in various industries such as automobil, food, gas & oil, petro chemical industries. Since it is essential to train professional staff and equip the educational centers, Educational Equipment Industries has tried to design and produce this kit which is competable to the similar foreign samples. The industrial automation training kit is a minimized production line. This kit has the possibility of training different educational concepts and skills at university and school levels; The users will be able to test and program the predicted processes in working station of training collection through using various sensors, engines, electrical & pneumatic functioners, PLC, industrial network and monitoring systems.

Electricity teaching module

Specification and capabilities:

  • Complete safety system (safety against current leakage, short-circuits, and overload. equipped with emergency off-switch, grounded wire, and signal lamps).
  • 220 V grounded single-phase sockets
  • Low-voltage output: 6V, 12V, 24V, both AC and DC, with safety system
  • Testing electrical parts with a device to check connections.
  • Possibility of configuration of work tables around workshop
  • Option of choosing output voltage (low and high voltage)
  • Possibility of exercising practical interior and exterior building wiring
  • Opportunity to Practice Building wiring simulating a real building
  • Items of general mechanics workshop related to the field of electricity (on demand)
  • Teaches method of passing wires through channels of interior distribution frame, simulating a real building
  • Predicting specialized and complementary electrical items (on demand)

Multi -Functional PLC Training set (Model:MP 010)

Multi -Functional PLC Training set (Model:MP 010)

Educational Equiment industries has designed and produced the neer MP010 Model of PLC kit based on requirement and enquires of vocational training suqervisors.

Covering the educational goals: The PLC training kit (Model: MP010) has been able to cover all S enquires related to the standard educational goals at all levels.

The main modules of the kit o PLC digital and analogue Input – Output Module o Sensors Module (Proximity sensors and temperatur sensor PT 100) o Relay Modules (24v relay and SSR relay)

Sensors Training Set (Modular)

Sensors Training Set (Modular)

In this kit, in order to get learners familiar with different types of sensors as well as learn how to work with and install them, the sensors have been categorized in a suitable separate module. These modules are able to cover university major concepts related to sensors.

The modules include: Proximity sensors modules capacitive, inductive, magnetive, Lux, U-shaped and one-way sensors Industrial switch modules: includes limit switches such as Roller Plunger, plain plunger, Flexible Rod and Adjustable Roller lever. Color recognition Module: includes a color mark sensor and specific cards with color spectrum in order to do the experiment and setting the sensor sensitivity


Electronic power bench

Mini Computer Lab Stand Module

Mini Computer Lab Stand Module Download PDF

1. Dimension: About 1700mm × 800mm × 1700mm
2. Working power: Three-phase four wire (or three-phase five wire)~380V±5% 50Hz; capacity<1.0KVA
3. Working temperature: -10°C~45°C, relative humidity<85%(25°C)

Product description
Suitable for training of electrical control technology, Training of students of Electronic and Power Engineering colleges, Electrician training, electrical training, For Vocational and Technical institute, Electric drive control circuit and skills training, electronic training, test and starting of single phase and three phase electrical motors, starting and control of motors and related experimental and educational subjects. The electrician is adopted a mash plate structure.

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