Shape Number Sorter

Shape Number Sorter

The shape sorter is a great way to introduce children to colors, shape, counting and sorting. A fun activity and a great way to learn about numbers and encourage shape recognition. It Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination. Match by number on the board, add a colored shape at right position. Remove the shapes pieces from board, sort by color, make patterns and so much more.

This product consists of a base board and different shapes; squares, circles, rectangles and triangles

The product consists of a main Wooden board &  wooden pieces with different shape & colors.

Educational goals:

Creative & Critical Thinking

Fine Motor Skills

Sensory Awareness

Developing young minds

Specification: Wooden surface and holed geometrical shapes.

Age: +3

Dimension: 24*18 cm

Cat. No.2114310080


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