Flexible Constructions 240 Pcs (Interlocking Flexible Toy)

Flexible Constructions 240 Pcs (Interlocking Flexible Toy)

Chefshoo game is an interlocking collection of flexible and colorful parts that children and adults can create a wide variety of custom and creative shapes by bending, twisting and simple connecting of parts.  Kids can create so many creative constructions, like spheres, baskets, rings, crown, etc…by colorful parts.

The product helps to improve color recognition, artistic. cognitive, sensory, cognitive ability, great for sensory development, occupational therapy and autistic individuals. It greatly helps to keep children (or adults!!) away from electronics, not just focus on TV or cell phone.

This product is 240 pieces in 4 different shapes and made of soft and flexible high-quality plastic. The product is included a guide in which some designs and patterns are suggested.

Age : +5

Cat. No. 2114310332


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