Alcohol Burner

Alcohol Burner

An Alcohol Burner is a general and commonly used tool in many lab experiments including biology, physics and chemistry to produce an open flame. The quality of product allows it is used not only in education sector, but also in other fields like Craft Work, laboratory, hospital, health care and etc. The product is a good choice as laboratory heating equipment. Alcohol burners are preferred for some uses over Bunsen burners for safety purposes, and in laboratories where natural gas is not available. Their flame is limited to approximately 5 centimeters (two inches) in height, with a comparatively lower temperature than the gas flame of the Bunsen burner. While they do not produce flames as hot as other types of burners, they are sufficiently hot for performing some chemistries, standard microbiology laboratory procedures, and can be used for flame sterilization of other laboratory equipment. Typical fuel is denatured alcohol, methanol, or isopropanol. A metal cap is used as a snuffer for extinguishing the flame.

Easy to use, safe due to safety caps that prevent alcohol evaporation.




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